Webinar | Solving the off-MLS conundrum once and for all

Webinar Solving the off MLS conundrum once and for all.001

We recently presented a webinar for Realtor Association Executives titled “Solving the off-MLS conundrum once and for all“. Many real estate agents today market their homes in channels outside the MLS and this has created a number of challenges for Realtor Associations. We presented the webinar to discuss off-MLS marketing, the reasons for the change in real estate agent behavior, and how Realtor Associations could respond by introducing their own pre-MLS communication network for their membership to use. A recording of this webinar can now be watched below.

About HipPocket for Realtor Associations

HipPocket for Realtor Associations is a communications platform developed to bring structure to the chaos of off-MLS marketing. HipPocket augments (not replaces) an MLS with a suite of communications features designed to facilitate rapid communication among Realtors, while bringing structure and governance to the chaos of off-MLS activity and providing much needed visibility.

Webinar Agenda

  • Real estate marketing off-MLS today
  • Why agents market off-MLS
  • Is it time to consolidate pre-market and on-market data to improve how Realtors find and market homes and if so, what are the most important elements of a pre-MLS network?
  • What rules should be applied to a pre-MLS network?
  • What are the advantages of a pre-MLS platform to the Realtors and the Realtor Association?
  • How can HipPocket help?

Webinar | Solving the off-MLS conundrum once and for all


Learn more about the features of HipPocket for Realtor Associations.

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James Bohan-Pitt

James Bohan-Pitt, CEO & Co-Founder of HipPocket. James is a technology entrepreneur with extensive experience in sales, product strategy, product development, operations and marketing. He has been a founder of several companies and worked in three early stage Fidelity Investments telecoms and technology portfolio companies. HipPocket is the culmination of his thoughts of using technology to ‘disrupt the paradigm’ and change the way the real estate industry operates from a communications and marketing stand point.

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