How to use HipPocket

We have created some short videos to walk you through how to use HipPocket. We have tried to cover all the bases but should you have any questions at all about anything, feel free to contact HipPocket Support through the Support tab in the HipPocket App or press this link to email HipPocket Support. We accept questions 24/7 and normally come back pretty quickly, especially during the day time.

Add For Sale Listing

We walk you through the steps to add your first for sale listing to HipPocket in under 2 minutes.






Managing Your Notifications Tray

We take you through the purpose and use cases for managing HipPocket notifications via the tray.





Reaching Customer Support

Have issues with HipPocket? Maybe a recommendation for a product feature? Access instant customer support at the touch of a button.





Update Your Profile Information

A wise agent once said, “He who leaveth his profile pic empty, receiveth no commission checks.” Find out how to make the most out of your HipPocket profile information.





Setting “My Feed”

Sometimes feeds get messy with irrelevant posts. Find out how to set up HipPocket to get the best experience every time you open the app.




HipPocket for Brokerages | Features Explained

When your Broker subscribes to our HipPocket for Brokerages service, a private collaboration space is opened up in HipPocket. When an Agent is invited to join the new private Brokerage group, they will be able to share For Sale and Buyer Need listings and general messages privately with other agents in their brokerage, and use a range of other useful team features.