HipPocket is FREE for the agent and low cost for the brokerage

Recently we’ve had a number of real estate agents ask about the cost to use HipPocket to market their Coming Soons, Hip Pockets and Buyer Needs to other agents in their community. Since we launched HipPocket for Brokerages as a paid solution for brokerage offices, we may have caused some confusion amongst our agent users and we wanted to clarify things.

HipPocket is FREE for all licensed real estate agents. We are committed to maintaining a free subscription tier for agents to be able to market to and communicate with their own agent community at no charge.

In 2017 we will introduce a paid tier that will include a suite of premium features but these will only be an addition to the free tier. Should you not want to upgrade to the premium tier, you will simply stay on the free subscription. We will always have this no-cost option for agents.

As with all software companies, we need to create revenue streams to fund the continued development of the HipPocket application. Launching HipPocket for Brokerages as a low-cost way for brokerages to modernize how their agents market their Coming Soons, Hip Pockets and Buyer Needs in-house to their team mates is our first revenue source. The premium tier for agents will be our second. We will have others in time but we always have a free subscription for agents to join and communicate with their own community.

I am on hand as always should anyone have any questions. Feel free to Email Us and I’lll jump right on it. If you’re reading about HipPocket for the first time, you can download our iPhone App and sign up or create your free account online or on your Android browser.

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James Bohan-Pitt

James Bohan-Pitt, CEO & Co-Founder of HipPocket. James is a technology entrepreneur with extensive experience in sales, product strategy, product development, operations and marketing. He has been a founder of several companies and worked in three early stage Fidelity Investments telecoms and technology portfolio companies. HipPocket is the culmination of his thoughts of using technology to ‘disrupt the paradigm’ and change the way the real estate industry operates from a communications and marketing stand point.

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