3 Valuable Tips to Revamp and Optimize your Real Estate Website

With more people going online for house hunting and consuming information, having a user-friendly and attractive website is even more important. Whether you like it or not, people will judge your brand and capabilities by the look and feel of your website. What’s more important is that if the user struggles to find important information, they’ll bounce from you website Read more

Mastering Real Estate Social Media Marketing for your Brokerage

Mastering Social Media for Brokerage

Social media isn’t a new trend for real estate. Many brokerages are already using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to reach their core audience and connect with potential clients. However, the key to real estate social marketing success comes with having an effective strategy.
As with any type of business, it is important to go back to the basics to give Read more

What Social Sites should Real Estate Agents be Using?

Social Sites for Real Estate Agents

As technology becomes more advanced, people are going to their computers before their realtors when looking to buy or sell a home. Whether they are hunting for a property or researching new locations, the Internet is going to be the greatest resource for anyone looking for real estate answers. In order to be successful, real estate agents must be visible Read more

8 best features of HipPocket for Brokerages | Video

I thought you may find this interesting. A brokerage is already seeing the value of using the HipPocket for Brokerages service for internal communications and collaboration. They are seeing a marked increase in deals being completed between agents in his brokerage.

“Since we introduced HipPocket to all our REALTORS®, we have increased the number of in-house deals by 300%!”. Clay Stapp Read more