Dallas Fort Worth Market Study: 300 brokerage brands in HipPocket

We have grown 150% in Dallas Fort Worth in the last 6-months. 1600 real estate agents representing over 300 brokerage brands are actively sharing Coming Soon’s and Buyer Needs from across the Metroplex. The Top-20 brokerage brands represented in HipPocket in Dallas Fort Worth include some of the biggest brands in the business. Around 70% of all Coming Soon’s and Buyer Read more

Realtors’ #1 Problem. Poor communication

Real estate agents have a problem and it’s getting worse. As we fall further and further behind the rest of the world our problem only compounds itself. We moan about it in the office and to each other over drinks at the bar. What’s our problem? How poorly we communicate with each other.

Dallas Fort Worth HipPocket Community grows 150% in 6 months

It’s been an exciting few months for HipPocket. We released HipPocket for Brokerages, our private in-brokerage communication service, and HipPocket for Realtor Associations our complete communication solution for Realtor Associations. During this time though we have continued to focus on growing adoption in key markets. I am excited to announce that we have reached a significant milestone. We have grown Read more