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Now that HipPocket is available nationwide to all real estate agents in America, our #1 priority is to attract as many real estate agents and communities as we can. The more communities we can attract, the more valuable a tool HipPocket can become for ALL the real estate agent communities out there.

HipPocket got it’s first big upgrade

We’re excited to announce out latest upgrade to HipPocket. We completely redesigned the listing and profile view to make it easier to delineate between postings and have improved the profile page to allow you to show a larger, more professional headshot.

Why the timing is right for HipPocket

I recently watched a great TED talk titled “The single biggest reason why startups succeed” by Bill Gross the founder of Idealab, an incubator of new inventions, ideas and businesses. Bill decided to analyze one hundred Idealab companies and a further 100 non-Idealab companies in an effort to understand what was the main reason companies succeed. He looked at five main factors: Read more

Realtors download HipPocket for the WHY not just the HOW and the WHAT

During our showcase in the Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015 one attendee we really enjoyed chatting to was Jeff Taylor from TechCrunch. Jeff asked me to explain HipPocket to him. I said “It’s the most effective way for a real estate agent to share pre-MLS and pocket listings. It’s a social experience for real estate agents that offers them a private space to communicate effectively as a local real estate agent community.”