HipPocket is transforming how real estate agents communicate

Real estate marketing today is chaotic and involves too many communications channels. It is a chaotic mix of calls, texts, emails, social networking and private networking to other agents in the community and their brokerage.

With HipPocket, marketing is simple. One network for real estate agents to communicate with and market to their brokerage team, agent network and personal connections.

HipPocket is a communications platform with a suite of products for Real Estate Agents, Brokerages and Realtor Association communities.

HipPocket for Realtor Associations – The MLS’s missing link: Real-time Communication

Augment your MLS (not replace) with a real-time communications network for your entire membership to participate in. Improve marketing efficiency for your members, provide structure and governance to the chaos of pre-MLS activity, and gain much needed visibility.

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HipPocket for Real Estate Brokerages – Close more in-house deals and increase profitability

Introduce a private listing and messaging network into your brokerage for agents to share to 24/7. Never miss an opportunity to do a deal as a team again. Unify internal communications, increase engagement and collaboration between your agents, and earn more revenue.

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HipPocket for Real Estate Agents – Real-time agent-to-agent marketing

Build your own pre-MLS marketing network. Invite local agents to network with you in HipPocket. Save time by using HipPocket to share professional listing pages instantly into your favorite social networks and groups, and by text and email to clients, prospects and other agents.

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