3 Things Brokers Can Do To Generate Leads Online

Contacts, leads, and prospects. Clearly, in order to build a successful real estate business, you must create a solid lead generation strategy as the foundation of your business and you’ll need the proper real estate marketing tools to get the job done, and get it done right.

However, we get it: it’s easier said than done. With all of the major affiliate sites and industry competition, it’s no wonder that many brokers find it difficult to find success when it comes to online lead generation.

While many mortgage brokers resort to paying-per-lead, this can often leave brokers feeling frustrated. These types of pay-per-lead programs are often sent to two to three competitors as well, so paying $100-$150 for a poor lead doesn’t seem like a bargain anymore.

If you want real success with generating online real estate leads, you’ll have to find a balance of developing a strong online presence along with utilizing the right real estate marketing tools. The tips below outline how the top real estate brokers separate themselves from the rest of the industry and generate more leads online.

Give Value to Get Leads

Nowadays, it is essential that real estate and digital marketing go hand-in-hand.

Perhaps your brokerage firm already has an established web presence — you built a website with your address, hours, and some information about your brokerage firm. Congratulations — that is the very first step in building your online presence, however, you cannot rely on the leads to just flock to you.

In order to generate more online real estate leads, you’ll need to add some substance to your website and start thinking about your content marketing and SEO strategy as one of your real estate marketing tools.

Search engine optimization is the key to getting visibility to your business and this trend is only going to keep growing as the industry expands. Consumers are not only using the Internet to search for properties, but they are looking for top-notch brokerage firms to work with as well. This makes having a localized search strategy vital to your firm.

If you haven’t given it any thought to creating a content and SEO strategy yet, you’ll want to implement one ASAP. Adding a blog to your website can be one of your valuable real estate marketing tools that can drive new leads. Begin writing helpful and timely content focuses on specific keywords. Creating content showcases your expertise in your area and how you can help consumers with their search.

One of the best real estate marketing tools is to focus content on local search keywords that are specific to your area. One way to start concentrating on local search is to create pages that are specific to a community on your blog. These types of community pages are like mini-Wikipedia sites that give facts, photos, and a quick glance of a specific community. Consumers love researching new areas or towns that they are interested in moving to. Creating these types of pages gives your business higher visibility within the search engine results page. Plus, you’ll be able to establish credibility with both buyers and sellers.

It’s important to remember that the key to a successful content marketing and SEO strategy is to provide high-quality content to your audience. Therefore, these types of community pages should be well thought out and include information such as demographics, school districts, tax information, restaurants, and local attractions. More than likely, this technique will not be something that is integrated quickly. However, developing a content and SEO strategy is a one of the most valuable real estate marketing tools. We are sure that you’ll find that creating more visibility for your firm is worth the time and effort.

Utilize Video as One of Your Real Estate Marketing Tools

If you haven’t given it any thought to investing in video, you are doing your brokerage firm a disservice. With YouTube being the second most utilized search engine, a video is a powerful way for you to expand your visibility. Plus, when consumers visit your site, this one of the most impressive real estate marketing tools that are sure to generate leads.

A strong video strategy can supplement your content and SEO strategy as stated above. Aside from creating a 30-second video about your firm, try making videos about surrounding neighborhoods or local communities.

These type of videos can be a great way to complement your community landing pages on your website. Plus, you can distribute these videos across social media to promote your community pages.

When creating your videos, think outside the box of ways to make your videos more interesting. The more interesting the video is the more shares, likes, comments, and engagements the video will receive. For example, consider becoming a virtual tour guide by posting short, educational videos about parts of your city. Highlight the top attractions and the benefits of each area, then link to your individual community pages on your website. Consumers that are not even in the market to purchase real estate are sure to have pride for their neighborhood and more likely to share your video. By making your content more engaging, you are more likely to expand your reach, create traffic to your website, and generate more online leads.

Best Real Estate Marketing Tools: Remarketing

Once you start driving traffic to your website, you’ll want to start remarketing to them in order to stay at the forefront of their mind.

So, how does remarketing work? Remarketing is when you advertise to someone online after they visit your website. When someone visits your website, a “cookie” will be placed on their computer, which will allow advertisers to track the visitor after they leave the website. Yes, it sounds creepy, but when done right, it can be one of the most valuable real estate marketing tools that you should integrate into your digital marketing mix.

Since the majority of people “rate shop” when looking for a mortgage, it allows you to stay top of mind throughout the process. Or, perhaps the consumer isn’t ready to buy or sell. Remarketing makes sure that the consumer remembers to call you when the time is right for them.

Google AdWords is the top platform to utilize to remarket to your website traffic. Google AdWords will also give you the broadest reach across the Internet. If you are looking for another platform, you can use Facebook’s remarketing platform. Facebook allows you to advertise to your website visitors inside Facebook with a variety of different options – from video ads to carousel ads, and more.

The Marketing Mix to Develop Online Leads

Using more than one approach to driving online marketing leads helps create a layered approach to your marketing strategy. By driving traffic to your website, and remarketing to audiences after they leave your website, you’ll continue the engagement process to stay top of mind. This strategy will help you convert more leads from visitors that you worked hard to get in the first place.

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